Save Little Manly Beach – a busy little gem on the edge of the harbour

Until 2006/2007 the vision for Little Manly Beach was provided for in the only strategic plan created to date for the beach the Little Manly Coastline Report 2004. However since 2007 in direct contrast to this strategic plan the Council has been doggedly trying to spot rezone / sell off 34 and 36 Stuart St. An important part of the public foreshore of Little Manly Beach. So while over the years the reasons however flimsy needed to sell it change, the Council’s ambition to rezone/sell it hasn’t. ¬†So where is this pressure coming from ? Who are they aiming to please if not the community ?

The reasons not to sell it are obvious. Besides the dubious equity issue of transferring public foreshore to private ownership. Issues specific to Little Manly that make turning the public foreshore into residences a bad decision are ( most are set out in the Little Manly Coastline Report 2004 ) :

  1. Little Penguin sanctuary – another cumulative destructive impact right in the heart of the last remaining colony in mainland Australia.
  2. Children’s beach – will limit it’s growing popularity in Sydney as a safe kid’s beach.
  3. Pubic boat ramp – will put new residents right beside a busy boat ramp, increasing in use.
  4. Existing moored boat users – existing dinghys will have to go, or be pushed into the crowded beach.
  5. Climate Change ( rising sea levels c.1m projection by 2100 ) – loss of control in dealing with foreshore impacts.

facebook-logoYou can be kept informed by visiting the “No Privatisation of Little Manly Beach” Facebook page. And joining their group.