2011 LMB Visions

September 2011: Architects and Landscape Architects – putting forward proposals to allow greater public  access to Little Manly Beach and create a real gem within the coves that encirle Sydney’s Harbour. Schemes including AM Bruce Mackenzie’s and RAIA gold medal winnner Rick Leplastrier’s as shown above, amongst others.
Please contact Nicolas Ewald for further infomation on 0414 700 070, or email lmopenspace@hotmail.com

This exhibition was originally posted on – http://www.sites.google.com/site/littlemanlyexhibition

February 2012: Manly Council after 6 months reviewing all of these ideas from some of Australia’s best Architects and Landscape Architects ignores them all, and puts forward their own random idea of a restaurant.

Council’s LMB Landscape Plan

The Councillors reject this, and the Council does ….

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