2013 Spot Rezone

The spot rezoing process for Little Manly.

Manly Council submits a planning proposal to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure. The Gateway Determination process, the department checks to see that the required topics are mentioned and ticked off. The department doesn’t independently check that the planning proposal meets the Council’s own strategic goals or whether the material in the planning proposal is factually correct.


In this instance the Minister of Department of Planning and Infrastructure ( Brad Hazzard )  has then delegated authority to determine the spot rezoning to the same Council that put in the submission !

Manly Council administration will then oversee public submissions itself.

Questions can be directed to Council’s Planning and Strategy Branch on 9976 1500 or the Department of Planning and Infrastructure 9228 6286.

Manly Council’s Planning Proposal – Stuart Street rezoning

The objectives of this Planning Proposal are to ensure the zoning of certain lands in Stuart Street reflect Manly Councils’ local strategic and operational outcomes.

….it doesn’t, it’s in contradiction to them.

If you want to object you can email by 5pm the 14th of June 2013:

To: records@manly.nsw.gov.au,

you can cc in megan.hollingsworth@planning.nsw.gov.au

Re: Draft Manly Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 (Amendment No. 1)

The rezoning planning proposal ignores:

Manly Council’s own strategic goals – 2011 “Our Harbour” Agreement. – concern over the privatisation of the harbour foreshore….to seize every opportunity to increase the public ownership of foreshore land
Manly Council ignored their own agreement completely in their proposal even though the Sydney Coastal Council Group http://www.sydneycoastalcouncils.com.au/ who deals with these very issues is chaired by Manly Council’s own – 
                                           Councillor Cathy Griffin ( chair )
                                    cathy@manly.nsw.greens.gov.au  Tel. 0414 719 513
                                           Councillor  Wendy Norton -(WilloughbyCouncil)
                                           Councillor GeoffStevenson(RandwickCouncil)
                                           Councillor Peter Towell (Sutherland Council)
                                           Councillor Jacqueline Townsend (Pittwater Council)
                                           Councillor Lynne Saville  (Willoughby Council)
                                           Councillor Leon Goltsman (Waverley Council)
                                           Councillor Irene Doutney (City of Sydney Council)
       Geoff Withycombe –  Executive Officer
       9246 7791      geoff@sydneycoastalcouncils.com.au
Manly Council’s own strategic plan – 2004 “Little Manly Coastal Management Plan” Increase public access to and community use of the foreshore of Little Manly
Manly Council’s own sea level study – 2008 “Cardano Report” – Climate Change Actions for Manly LGA (Manly Council) – the public liability Council will incur with increasing freak storms
National Parks and Wildlife Service’s penguin recovery plan – 2000 “Endangered Population of Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) at Manly Recovery Plan”
No Aboriginal and Heritage Assessment – Little Manly foreshore is known to have been an Aboriginal burial area and 34 Stuart is the last of the beach shacks from the early 1900s
Boat Storage and watercraft staging area – and with the loss of the ramp watercraft’s only north harbour access for boating, wind surfers and kayakers.
The disturbance of acid sulphate soils – being the end of an old swamp.

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