2007 Council

On the 23rd of April 2007,  After an application previously from the owners of 40 Stuart St to spot rezone their land, and after year long confidential negotiations between the owners and the General Manager Henry Wong . The General Managers Division Report No. 8  while confidential seems to have recommended rezoning all the foreshore properties public and private from open space to residential !!?? As a motion was put to reject all spot rezoning on the public 34 & 36 properties as well as the private ones 38 & 40

This motion was passed unanimously. Councillors present

Peter MacDonald (MInd)  Mayor

Jean Hay (Lib)

Richard Morrison (Lib)

Mark Norek (Ind)

David Murphy (Lib)

Richard Morrison (Lib)

Barbara Aird (MInd)

Judy Lambert (Grn)

Simon Cant

Peter Daley

Brad Pedersen

Jo Evans

Since this first attempt at spot rezoning in 2007 all the properties private 38 & 40 and public 34 & 36 are presented for spot rezoning every few years. What happened in those confidential negotiations ?

Council Minutes – 2007 April 23rd.



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